Training Program

Course Overview

The Lash Box LA Advanced Mega Volume Training is an advanced training course that introduces technicians to Mega Volume lashing. During this training, we will teach the Mega Volume technique which is the fastest of all Volume techniques. This technique, also known as 8-15d, is great for fast and extremely fluffy lashes. During this training, we will work on 0.03mm Silk and Cashmere lashes.

It is very important for students to understand that practice after training is required. During this training, you will receive a highlight of what and how you should be practicing. However, performance of each student is relative to their dedicated practice.

This is an advanced class. Lash extensions basics will be explained briefly.
With this technique, you will be able to shorten your work time and deliver more volume. You will also learn tips and tricks based on the years of experience of our trainers.

Mega Volume is an advanced technique and we require our students to be experienced with classic lashes to take this training. Your classic lash set shouldn’t take longer than 60 minutes with 100% coverage.

Training Program Agenda

1. Basics of Volume Lashing
2. Variety of different Volume techniques
3. Natural lash safety
4. Volume weight calculation
5. Proper eye preparation for Volume application
6. Proper isolation
7. Volume lash layering
8. Perfect bonding rules
9. Mega volume fan application
10. Mega volume lash wrap
11. Eye shape correction
12. Eye styling
13. Building fans with 0.03mm / Practice
14. Work time improvement
15. Tips and tricks
16. Practice on the model
17. Work evaluation

Skills required for this training

1. Excellent lash isolation (with 2 tweezers prior to false lash application)
2. Excellent single lash application to natural lash
3. Basics of classic lash extensions
4. Good vision

Your Mega Volume Kit

A Lash Box LA Mega Volume kit ($200 value) will be provided.


You will receive your advanced Mega Volume certification with the name provided during registration. If you want your certification to have a different name, please e-mail: