Trainer’s Bio

Sylwia Walus

Sylwia Walus is a Master Lash Artist and industry pioneer, beginning her career nearly 20 years ago. After stints in Eastern Europe and Russia, she moved to Los Angeles to build a lashing business (and get a little sunshine) when she realized her local market’s techniques and products were years behind. She began to realize that Los Angeles is a beautiful, fashion-oriented city without the lash style to match so she joined forces with her good friend and lash industry veteran to create Lash Box LA. Shortly after co-founding LBLA, Sylwia developed and perfected the Mega Volume flower bouquet technique, which altered the lashing landscape for artists and clients worldwide.

In her role as LBLA VP, Sylwia is responsible for lash product quality, development, and training. She spearheaded the company’s launch of 0.03mm lashes, the first in the U.S. market and the company’s flagship product. The industry has begun to take notice of her passion and expertise, which are manifested in LBLA’s product lines. While her role as Vice president of LBLA keeps her busy, she has made it a priority to carve out a little time to continue her lash practice which is increasingly focused on celebrities and VIP clients.

No matter the growth or size of LBLA, Sylwia plans to continue lashing, which is the aspect of the industry she fell in love with some 20 years ago. A client’s broadening smile as she looks in the mirror for the first time at a set of perfectly applied, beautiful lashes is still the most gratifying part of her day. Additionally, as the company’s on-the-ground lash expert, it keeps her in touch with the industry’s constantly evolving trends and allows her to relate to her students in ways most instructors can’t. If she could provide one piece of advice to new lash artists, it would be that a lashing career is a journey that is best traveled with a positive attitude and with special attention to each clients’ needs. It is with this in mind that Slywia has built her career and looks forward to every new challenge.

Lydia Dominick

Lydia Dominick was born and raised, and still currently living in New York. She is a proud mom and loves spending time with her family and her dog, Tink. Lydia began her career as a hair and makeup artist. She’s also been in television for 10 years as a talk show host. Soon after, Lydia started as a lash artist and that’s when she found her niche and fell in love with the beauty of lashing. It has been 5 years since Lydia first started lashing. For a whole year she only applied classic lashes, until she learned Volume Lash application. It became her obsession to master Mega Volume Lashing, and once she did she knew her life would never be the same. She quickly became a Brand Ambassador and a trainer and that was when she came across Lashbox LA  and started using their products. Boy was that a game changer.

Lydia decided to take all her years of experience, knowledge and secrets and share them with the world. So she is now working as Lashbox LA’s Global Education Director. She travels the world giving hands on training on lash application and provides her expertise in Mega Volume technique and product knowledge. Her goal is to help other artists all around the world achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment she has due to the opportunity Lashbox LA has given her. She loves watching this industry grow into a beautiful, highly educated community where artists build up other artists and help each other become better.  She believes that there is great value in this industry and seeing people’s inner and outer beauty shine through.

Lydia says, lashes are the future of the beauty industry. So many women neglect themselves in return for caring for their families, but having gorgeous lashes is one thing that makes them feel beautiful and women are unstoppable when they feel beautiful! She feels such an honor to be able to give that gift to our clients every day. She believes that lash artists are influencers and that they can make someone’s day brighter or their week easier. What matters most is helping others and making them feel beautiful and that what it’s all about!